“DESIRES” are things we want, things we long for. Our wants and the things we long for are very important because they point us on a path toward satisfying our desires. Your desire is your destiny. You are always moving toward fulfilling your desires. You view your desire with the eyes of your heart, your imagination. Your thoughts are often connected to your desires. Your desires are taking you closer to God OR further away from Him. Our hearts are easily deceived, we cannot trust ourselves. We can only fully trust God. We can always trust His will, (His desires) and His ways, (His decisions) to be the best for us Our Father in heaven wants us to desire His good and perfect will for our lives. My Mentor Prophet TB Joshua always says that: “DESTINY IS THE WILL & WAY OF GOD”. When you make God your desire you will have an eternal source of True love, joy, and peace. The desires you receive from God point you to God’s plan for your life, your true destiny in Him. Today let’s ask God Almighty to help us to walk in obedience in His Will & Purpose for our lives! Father let our desires be in line with Your Desires for our lives in JESUS NAME!