About the Founder

Denise Adinnu is a young energetic woman who loves the Lord and has a passion working and serving the Lord on various platforms and global projects reaching out to individuals, nations and the world at large for the Kingdom Purposes of God and for the Glory of God Almighty. Apart from her daily job as a financial administrator she dedicates her time by sharing the Word of God which provides Biblical truths to the ups and downs of everyday life and strength and encouragement in our daily walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Denise believes that we should make the Word of God a Standard of our life’s and should examine everything under the Light of God’s Word. Just as God sent Ruth to Naomi and Mary to Elizabeth, God continues to use women to encourage and equip other women & men in their spiritual journey. She believes according to the Word of God that “broken things” are still useful in the Hands of God! God does not consult our past to determine our future…Together we can make a difference and conquer the world for Christ! – Let Love Lead…GOD IS LOVE and LOVE IS THE GREATEST!

Christ The Foundation of Our Lives

The foundation of a house tells you how big the house can get. You can’t put a big house on a small or faulty foundation. It will not stand the test of time and it will collapse every time. The same is true for our lives. You can’t become what God wants you to be on a faulty or wrong foundation.

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